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my husband and i have recently purshesed a 2004 f350 diesel 6.0 on june 2 2011 and since have had nothing but trouble with it we called the dealer and was told that it didnt have a warrenty and we knew it did and he told us he couldnt do it well we have fixed all that has been wrong with it and now the computer went bad and we dont have the money to fix it as far as we are concerned ford is worthless we will never buy another one again when sombody tells the truth then maybe something will get done about the peice of crud that is running the roads im teird of getting the run around about this truck not oly from the dealer who sold us the truck but the ford company itself

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thank you very much for your consern and ur opinion we checked that we got a 30 day or 1.000 mile warrenty but the dealer didnt oner it it just makes me sick to thank that all this has happened to us i guess from now on ill stick to my dodge lol and thanks again i reall appericate ur concern we hope all goes well before our new baby gets here next month .....


get on line or if you have your owners manual--now i'm not 100% sure on fords--but i have a GM and the computer is part of the emissions control and my GM computer went out at 89,000 miles--the dealer told me that the EPA made them cover that part for 10 years or 100,000 miles since it was part of the emission control for the clean air act--it was covered at 100% parts and labor--so do some digging and double check it--it might still be covered under your emissions coverage--now mine was not a diesel i dont know if they are covered the same--i do know that the computer is expensive, it would be worth your time to look deeper. good luck

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